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Suzy’s Freight ltd

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Business Address: 109-2845 23rd Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7C7
Business Phone: +1(403) 475 4785
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Our Services

Suzy’s Freight ships cargo worldwide at affordable rates. We offer some of the best rates available for shipping to the Caribbean, as well as provide durable custom shipping containers, crates and food-grade barrels for storage and transportation of cargo. Consider using our warehouse for secure storage of goods while they are being prepared for shipment to the location your cargo needs to be sent to. We can also assist with the packing of cargo, using quality packing materials that are free of charge if clients are shipping through us. We also transport ready-to-ship containers.

We ship by air, land or sea and our team ensures our clients are constantly provided tracking details of their cargo throughout the shipping process. We offer free quotes on our services and guarantee high standards of customer support and products.

We ship cargo by land, air or sea and provide transportation using 20’ and 40’ containers that are secure and durable. Call us for a free quote now.

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