Welcome to the JCAA 2021 Cultural Benefit Event

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Your donation goes to our Benevolent Fund, Scholarship Fund and Community Backpack Program.  We are committed to responding to the needs of those within our community.

Cho5en Generation

Mr Progress

Mike Eclipse Brown

Nana McLean

Gyal Ediot


Berean Youth Choir

Jean Chung



Nastasia Aikman


Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc.


Dallas Hayes-Sparks

Anthony Seeker

Conrad Sterling

Wakefield Brewster

Diversity Performing Arts Club of Calgary

DJ Tullo

Yolanda Sargeant

Zaire Sealy

Shernette Smith

DJ Mally Bless

Peter "Gizbone" Brown

Spanish Town Adventist Choristers

We are grateful to all the artists supporting the JCAA 2021 Cultural Benefit Event. All have volunteered their time to entertain, edutain and support the community.  Thanks to all of them.

Our Sponsors

Benevolent Fund

Our goal is to lend a hand where we can while respecting the pride and dignity of the recipient. Through our Benevolent Fund, we provide confidential financial support to those within our community that need a little lift when life throws them a curveball.

Supporting Students

We are committed to helping those pursuing academic goals to be successful. In the last five years, we have awarded over twenty scholarships to those in tertiary institutions. This is a key part of our mission.

Community Backpack Initiative

In 2020 we supported 75 families with back to school supplies through our Backpack Program. It eases the stress for many families and with the economic impacts of COVID-19 still a concern for many, we hope to help even more families this year.

Please support our initiatives by making a donation. All donations will make a difference in us doing more for our community.

Skip The Kitchen - Authentic Jamaican food

The Likkle Taste Benefit will be an offering of authentic Jamaican cuisine. Patrons will be able to pre-order and pick up their meals. There will also be an option for delivery to communities in Calgary, Airdrie and Chestermere. Food Service will be between 2 pm – 6 pm.

Our Events Committee

Hermalyn Reid-Simon

Nicole Colley-Lewis


Bernadine Griffiths

Yanike Robinson

Sheryl Campbell