Guidelines For Jamaican Canadian Association Alberta Scholarship Program

One mandate we (JCAA) have set for ourselves is to support the educational pursuits of our members and people in our community.  Each year the JCAA awards scholarships to eligible individuals residing in Alberta who are pursuing higher education at tertiary institutions.  Applications are open all year however the committee reviews and makes final recommendations for scholarship awards in July each year.  Scholarship recipients are announced at the end of July each year and the awards issued during our Independence Celebrations in August.  Please complete the attached application and provide all the required information.

Requirements for Scholarships

  • First and foremost we cater to our members on two levels: active (priority) and inactive.
  • Then we look at our volunteers who are not members but who always help with our functions.
  • All recipients are required to have volunteered for a minimum total of six (6) hours at at least two JCAA events prior to applying.
  • Finally, we look at other applicants from the community who do not fit the above categories.

Please complete the JCAA Scholarship Application and send it by mail.