The association focuses on delivering programs to fulfill its purposes, as per the Strategic Plan. The primary strategy will be to capitalize on reaching multiple demographics by having groups support other groups within the community.

What A Gwaan

Join us every Fridays at 7:00 PM (mountain standard time) on Facebook, as we discuss topics relevant to the Jamaican-Canadian community in Alberta.


An Inside Look at the JCAA

with Bernie Griffiths | Episode 12

HIV in the Community

with Sipiwe | Episode 11

JCAA Question & Answers

with Danielle Simon | Episode 10

We Are Athletic Champions

with Bruce James | Episode 9

Financial Planning & Wealth Creation

with Glen Griffiths | Episode 8

Mental Health Affecting Our Community

with Heather Harding | Episode 7

Why Travel to Jamaica?

with Shawna Kontzie & Lisa Nicolson | Episode 6

Racism & the Realities of Foreign

with Dr. Monetta Bailey | Episode 5

Things we try to avoid, but can’t

with Andrea Cox | Episode 4

What A Gwaan Wid Di JCAA

with JCAA’s President | Episode 3

Youth Engagement & Inspiration

with JCAA’s President | Episode 2

Welcome to What A Gwaan

with JCAA’s President | Episode 1

The experiences of Jamaicans in Calgary

View our video series, Journey, where Jamaicans share their experiences as they moved from life in Jamaica to life in Calgary.  Please share these videos with your friends and family planning to move to Calgary and we ask that you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more episodes of Journey.


Cultural Programs

-Coming Soon-

Youth Programs

-Coming Soon-